Nuvite Skyde Clear Kit

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Blocking corrosion on leading edges, winglets, stabilizers, inlets, window framing, and other metal surfaces.

Approved by Gulfstream..

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Functional Anti-corrosion Nano-Sealant coating for bare metal aluminium aircraft polished surfaces. Developed to dramatically reduce oxidation and corrosion while reducing costs by extending polishing intervals.

Core Benefits.

  • Prevents oxidation for up to 6 months.
  • Extends intervals between polishing cycles reducing cost and maintenance.
  • Reduces metal removal over the lifetime of the aircraft.
  • Reduces labour costs, one coat not three.

The final finish of the Skyde Clear will depend upon the application technique used to apply it. Some slight dulling will occur as Skyde Clear is a coating. Skyde Clear is more suited to aircraft which are based in corrosive climates or aircraft which fly extensively and do not have much time for appearance attention.

We offer an online training session to introduce users on the best way to apply the product.

Each kit contains sufficient product to coat aproximately 150 sq ft / 14 sq M

Skyde Clear Kit

Each Skyde Clear Kit contains:

  • 2 bottles of Skyde Clear, each  containing 10oz (295ml).
  • 4 applicator pads.
  • 4 aluminium trays.
  • Instruction sheet.

Directions for use.


Preparation is an extremely important requirement before application of the Skyde Clear can begin. If any residues remain on the surface, or in gaps, joints between the polished aluminium and the airframe, it is highly likely that some discolouration of the coating will occur as the product dissolves these residues and includes them into the film. Use a Cyclo polisher with a new clean Cyclo wrap, spray White Spirits (Mineral Spirits) onto the surface of the polished metal, With the Cyclo, remove all traces of contamination. Gap bands, seams can be cleaned using the Cyclo Fleece cloth on its own with liberal amounts of solvent. When all surfaces are clean and free from all forms of contamination or residue, replace the painters masking tape around the aluminium onto the aircraft’s painted surface.


Use in a well ventilated area, ensure that the ambient temperature is between 50 and 120 deg F (10 and 50 deg C) with a humidity of less that 90%. Prepare a clean work surface close to the area where you will be applying the coating, preferably with a sheet of clean paper covering the working surface.. Lay out the bottle of Skyde Clear, an aluminium tray and an applicator.

Pour some of the Skyde Clear from the container into the aluminium tray, filling it approximately 1 inch / 25 mm. Always replace the lid onto the bottle after use to prevent drying out of the product.

Dip the applicator into the coating, pausing for 5 seconds to allow saturation to occur.

Leading Edges.

Starting on the inboard section of the leading edge, place the applicator onto the painters masking tape on the upper surface of the wing. Slowly with gentle pressure using a steady movement, draw the applicator keeping its angle of contact constant moving down following the aluminium profile until you reach the painters tape on the underside of the wind, then rotate away the applicator pad quickly to avoid build up of product. Move along to the adjacent area to be coated and repeat. Try to avoid overlapping as much as possible. Repeat this procedure until the whole leading edge has been coated.


With winglets, apply the coating between seams to minimise overlapping. Start on the painter’s tape as usual and draw down the length of the winglet working towards the apex. When you reach the apex, switch over and start back from the other side. Meeting the coating from both sides on the seam will reduce the appearance of a join.


Inlets are a bit more difficult as they are not flat / straight and have no seams. For this reason, you can create your own seam position using the tape. Start application from the 9 o’clock position reaching over to the 3 o’clock position. Start on the outside and work your way around the apex to the inside of the inlet. When complete, repeat from the 3 o’clock position reaching underneath the inlet to the 9 o’clock position.


The vertical part of the tail is treated similarly to the winglet, starting on the tape, working around the apex to the tape on the other side. Work from seam to seam.


The horizontal surfaces of the tail are treated the same as the leading edges.


If the freshly applied coating (less than 5 minutes) requires replacement, spray the surface liberally with White Spirits (Mineral Spirits) and wipe off with soft white cloth or preferably Rymple cloth. If for any reason, the Skyde Clear coating needs to be removed after it has cured, simply buff off using NuShine G6, then finish with NuShine S to return to the mirror finish. Repeat the cleaning steps as above and then reapply the coating. If the product has dried, it can be removed by compounding with NuShine G6.

NOTE: An online training course will be required before initial orders can be fulfilled.

Shipping will incur HAZ-MAT charges on this product.

Part number: PC-3000-KIT
UN No: UN1263
HS Commodity Code: 391 0000 10


  • BSS 7432

OEM Approvals

  • Gulfstream

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Skyde Clear effective?

Skyde Clear has been tested by Gulfstream Aerospace. It has shown that with only regulay washing (removing bugs, antifreeze, dirt, dust etc) there is no neet for polishing for up to 6 months! Existing products are nanometers thin and porous which is why they have very limited effectiveness.

How easy is it to apply onto the polished surfaces of the aircraft?

There is a technique to apply Skyde Clear as it is a coating on the surface providing a barrier against the elements. We offer online training courses to assist application for the optimum result. Contact us for more information.

How many coats are needed with Skyde Clear?

As Skyde Clear is a functional coating, only one coat is required unlike other products which need 3 coats. This makes application time much shorter as aircraft only need overnight curing times before flight.


  • SKU: FA-PC-3000-KIT
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 38 × 26 × 28 cm
  • UN Code : UN1263
  • Part Number : PC-3000KIT
  • Commodity Number : 3402509000
  • Country of Origin : United States of America


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