Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

When it comes to preserving the aesthetic and functionality of an aircraft, cleaning is a necessary step. Every day, the exterior of an aeroplane is exposed to a variety of adverse environments, including extreme temperatures, high winds, and pollution. These variables can deteriorate the paint, glass, and other outside surfaces of an aeroplane over time. Therefore, routine cleaning is required to safeguard the aircraft and keep it looking its best.

Benefits of Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

There are various advantages to keeping an aircraft’s outside clean. Among the primary advantages are:

  • A clean aeroplane appears more professional and well-maintained, which is vital for airlines and other businesses who rely on the appearance of their aircraft to make a favourable impression on consumers.
  • Dust, grime, and other debris can accumulate on an aircraft’s exterior and interfere with the operation of numerous systems, hence enhancing safety. By routinely cleaning the aircraft, you may reduce the chance of accidents and other mishaps and guarantee that all systems are functioning properly.
  • The proper cleaning of an aircraft’s paint, glass, and other outside surfaces can increase its durability. By cleaning dirt and other pollutants, you can avoid damage and increase the longevity of these vital components.

Bacoban Products for Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

We utilise Bacoban products for all external aircraft cleaning jobs at Frasers Aerospace. Bacoban is a brand of high-quality cleaning and disinfection products designed for use in aviation and other industrial environments. Here are some of the reasons we select Bacoban for aeroplane cleaning projects:

  • Bacoban products are designed to be extremely successful at removing dirt and other impurities from a range of surfaces. This makes them excellent for use on aircraft exteriors, where a variety of pollutants can build over time.
  • Bacoban products are safe for use on all aircraft types, including aeroplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. They are non-toxic, non-combustible, and free of harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the paint or other surfaces of an aircraft.
  • Bacoban products are user-friendly and take minimal effort to produce exceptional results. Apply the product to the surface to be cleaned, allow it to penetrate and loosen the dirt and pollutants, and then remove it with a clean cloth.
  • In addition to eliminating dirt and impurities, Bacoban solutions also leave a protective coating on the surface that helps prevent the future accumulation of dirt and other contaminants. This means that your aircraft will remain clean for longer durations, minimising the frequency with which it must be cleaned.


In conclusion, exterior aircraft cleaning is essential for maintaining an aircraft’s appearance and operation. Using high-quality products such as Bacoban, you may effectively remove dirt and pollutants from the exterior of your aircraft while also protecting the surface and extending its life. At Frasers Aerospace, we are happy to use Bacoban products for all of our aeroplane cleaning endeavours and are certain that they are the greatest option for ensuring that your aircraft is always in pristine condition.


All exterior aircraft cleaning must meet regulations and standards that are set and reviewed by the airline or airframe manufacturer.
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