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The world today is facing an epidemic called Covid-19, yet another virus threatening global populations. We, in the aviation industry, are without a doubt responsible for its rapid spread around the globe. Now airlines scramble to declare how they are providing the maximum care for their passengers describing how their cleaning crews provide intensive and detailed cleaning procedures using approved cleaning products to ensure that cabins are thoroughly prepared and sterilised between flights. Here is the issue to consider, approved cleaning chemicals are abundant simple disinfection chemicals will destroy viruses rendering cabins sterile and ready for the boarding of the passengers on the next flight.

This is where the major problem begins! When passengers board a sterile aircraft, and one passenger, infective with any virus boards the aircraft, that passenger will infect the aircraft with the virus they have, just by touching door handles, armrests, seats, visiting the toilet. After that, the next passenger who touches those areas can become infected.

This is the weakness of the current procedure for avoiding the spread of the virus in cabins. In other words, current cleaning procedures only destroy viruses and bacteria already on the aircraft. The challenge is to provide virus-free surfaces between flights to prevent re-infection of passengers. We have, over the years, looked and studied many approved (including FDA and EPA approved) products which provide longer-term protection, tested and proven! Not just claims by the manufacturer, we have only found one which has been tested and certified to provide more than one-day protection, this product is certified to provide surfaces with 10 days protection.

Just over 10 years ago, we discovered a product called Bacoban, a class 2A medical device (used to sterilise operating theatres) which can be used to provide long term protection to passengers to passengers onboard aircraft.

We have continued to support this technology for the past 10 years + and now airlines have realised that simple disinfectants do not actually provide real protection for passengers. Long term, proven protection is the only way to effectively protect and reduce the spread of any virus now and in the future!

Bacoban for Aerospace is now being used by numerous major airlines, Business Jet operators to provide the maximum protection for their passengers and customers.

Get in touch with us now to discuss how we can help you, as far as we are aware, no other product on the market offers this level of protection!

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