aircraft buffer


  • Suitable for use on painted and bare-metal surfaces
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Drum size: 4” x 7” (Short Arm) and 5” x 7” (Long Arm)
  • Air consumption: 20-35ft3 /min
  • Torque: 2.8 ft-lbs
  • RPM: 0-4200 (free speed, throttle controlled)
  • Connection: ½” NPT
  • Length: 18” (Short Arm) and 31” (Long Arm)
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Easily maintained (maintenance manual provided)

Optional Extras:

  • 2’ Extension Bar – Allowing for greater reach, can be used with both the long and short arm models
  • 4’ Extension Bar – (Allowing for maximum reach, can be used with both the long and short arm models
  • Extension bar (with bend) – Allowing for longer reach and access to awkward/hard to reach areas

Buffmaster Tools Pneumatic Short Arm Buffer

Short Arm Pneumatic Buffer for Aircraft Aluminium Polishing.

Buffmaster Tools’ Short Arm Pneumatic Buffers are state-of-the-art drum polishers for painted and aluminium surfaces, built with the commercial user in-mind. They feature exceptional quality Atlas Copco motors, fitted with five vanes and multi-step planetary gears – producing 1.13 horsepower at 4200rpm. The air consumption is 20-35ft3/min at 90psi. The polishing drums themselves are made from 6061 aircraft aluminium billet material milled on a computerised CNC milling machine for a perfectly balanced drum. The buffing pads are locked into place using a spring steel ring that is easily removed for quickly and conveniently changing pads. The throttle valve is a twist-grip similar to those used on motorcycles – however they do not spring shut when released. Instead, a “cruise-control” type feature has been added offering both more accurate speed-control and also allowing the user to hold the machine one-handed for additional reach.

Both the Long and Short Arm models can be fitted with a reasonably coarse lambs-wool pad, for compounding of aluminium surfaces and cutting of painted surfaces. If you’re working with new or very good condition painted or aluminium surfaces, or once you’ve carried our compounding/cutting with the lambs-wool pad, a cotton pad can be fitted to help achieve the deep shine and gloss finish.

We supply wool and cotton pads for the short arm buffer.


Note: Pads not included, see ‘related products’ below.

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