Thankfully, the Covid pandemic seems to be more manageable now due to the successful rollout of inoculations. Companies now are beginning to plan the slow but safe return of employees to the workplace. Disinfectants are high on the agenda and the shopping list. Be aware that the standard types of disinfectants used will only destroy viruses present on the surface. After an hour, surfaces can be re-infected allowing it to spread to the next person.

To prevent this spread, ensure that surfaces are treated with Bacoban, this will result in surfaces being virus-free for up to ten days. We do however recommend treating surfaces at least daily, the Bacoban layer can be removed with accidental water spills, mechanical abrasion etc. This will ensure that the maximum care is taken to protect staff at the workplace.

#Bacoban is available in various forms, wipes for easy application, spray bottles for larger areas and fogging for very large areas (complete office / factory / shop / coffee shop etc).



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