Perrone Deep Cleaner for Leather

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Safely and gently cleans Aircraft, Car, and Boat Leather. Removes dirt, grime, body oils and lotions.

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Products for deep cleaning leather

When you have significant soiling or a serious stain on your leather, All Leather Maintenance has a highly effective product for deep cleaning leather.

There are remedies and recipes for cleaning ink and gum off leather seats, boat, or other leathers in your home and car. But what about nail polish, coffee, or the buildup sheen of body oils that robs leather of its lustrous finish?

Perrone Aerospace designs, manufactures, clean, repairs and renews performance leathers and textures used for commercial and private aviation. For our aviation, corporate, and consumer clients we use and recommend our Deep Cleaner for Leather when dealing with heavy-duty soiling on leather, vinyl, rubber and synthetic surfaces. How does it work?

Our Deep Cleaner is designed for challenging stains like soda, ketchup, mustard, body oils, gum—and yes—nail polish. The deep cleaning leather formula lifts soils and stains from finished leather, including removing the worn gloss that leather acquires with age.

Without harming the topcoat system of your finished leather, All Leather Maintenance Deep Cleaner leaves your leather looking and feeling like new. The cleaning process is easy:

  • Using Deep Cleaner, spray the product directly onto a large genuine horsehair bristle brush. Do not spray cleaner directly onto leather, or leather products. Horsehair bristles are safe enough to clean and buff your leather without abrading the material.
  • Gently use your brush to lather in circles on and around the area you are trying to clean. Elbow grease is not required, allow the deep cleaning leather solution to lift the stain from the leather finish.
  • Use our smaller horsehair bristle brush to clean hard to reach spaces or along upholstery or seat seams.
  • When you have worked the area, remove the deep cleaning chemical and the residue it lifted from the leather with a clean cloth, repeating with fresh folds of the cloth.
  • Depending on how badly the leather is soiled, repeat the process until the leather surface or product is clean. Our cleaner leaves no oily residue.
  • Allow the surface to air dry for three to five minutes before applying conditioner or putting the leather surface into use.

When looking at a serious stain on your leather, look to All Leather Maintenance to offer an easy, workable solution to renew your leather.

Product sold in 946 ml spray bottles.


  • Boeing D6-7127


  • SKU: FA-DC-332-32OZ
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 26 cm
  • Part Number : DC-332
  • Commodity Number : 3405100000
  • Country of Origin : United States of America



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