Perrone Alcantara Cleaner

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Alcantara Cleaner & Stain Remover.

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Perrone’s Alcantara Cleaner & Stain Remover is for use on genuine Alcantara brand products. This innovative formula will help to remove soiling such as ink marks, red wine, coffee and other tough stains.
Keep luxurious Alcantara looking new

Alcantara is a popular, high-end, lux-tech material with a nap and touch of suede. It is durable, stain, and scuff resistant.

Developed in the 1970’s, Alcantara has steadily grown in popularity. Its high quality and exclusive touch/flair places it in luxury cars like Mercedes, Tesla, BMW’s and some sports cars, along with high-end products with plush but durable coverings. According to Popular Mechanics, Alcantara passes the “Arizona test,” meaning it stands up to fading even in hot, sunny locations.

Like leather, regular cleaning of Alcantara is recommended, and All Leather Maintenance has specialized products and expert tips to help keep your Alcantara and other automotive surface applications looking like new.

Tips on cleaning Alcantara

Detailing Alcantara is easy with products from our leather and textile maintenance line. Take these steps to preserve and protect your investment in naturally stain-resistant Alcantara:

  • Used for trim, seats, wheel covers, and headliners, your first step is to take a look at what Alcantara fabric you want to clean. If you are working with Alcantara in your vehicle, size-up your project before you get underway, and ensure you have the right materials on hand.
  • Use our Alcantara Cleaner to clean stains like coffee, red wine, grease, and ink, among others. Our cleaner is premixed and ready to apply without harsh fumes or odors.
  • If the stain is fresh, blot with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Spray Alcantara Cleaner on a genuine horsehair bristle brush. The use of tools like microfiber towels and natural horsehair bristle brushes speeds the cleaning process and importantly, protects your Alcantara fabric.
  • Using gentle, circular strokes, agitate the cleaner on the soiled area until a soapy lather appears. Let the lather dry on the stain. Use a towel or vacuum to pick up any extra residue. Using a hair dryer to speed the drying process is optional.
  • Use a horsehair bristle detailing brush to restore the nap on and around the stained area.
  • If you caught the stain after it was dried—no worries. Use our Refining Billet to remove set-in stains on your Alcantara. Then spray Alcantara Cleaner on your natural bristle brush and proceed the same as if the stain were fresh, finishing up by brushing up the nap on and around the treated area. You can use our Refining Billet on leather, genuine and synthetic suede, Nubuck and other fine upholstery materials.
  • For fine upholstery other than Alcantera, like NuBuck, genuine or synthetic suedes, sheepskin, or wool fabrics, try our water-based Micro Lather cleaner for soiling and dry, tough stains. Perrone’s Micro Lather ships with a bonus Refining Billet so you get two upholstery cleaning solutions for the cost of one.
    Cleaning Alcantara is easy with our proprietary cleaning system. Whether you have fine leather or Alcantara, use our product line to clean and maintain your investment.

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