aircraft cleaning with NuPower

NuPower II Waterless Dry-Wash, wipe on, wipe off. This is the easiest in-place dry wash clean and polish -with U/V protectant you’ve ever used!

  • Removes all types of soils: dirt, carbon, lubricants, de-icing fluid etc
  • Removes surface faded paint and oxidation.
  • Leaved glossy smooth finish.
  • Preserves surface from further oxidation.
  • Protects paint from UV and atmospheric corrosion without colour change.
  • Resists re-soiling of dirt and oil.

Aircraft washing or cleaning is a regular, necessary operation required by airlines and operators to maintain appearance, improve drag saving fuel, weight witch increases fuel burn and reduces corrosion of the aircraft. Traditionally, aircraft cleaning was performed by spraying surfactant or cleaning chemicals onto the surface of the aircraft. The dirt would be removed from the surface by agitating the aircraft cleaning chemicals and the dirt or oils on the surface. The final stage would he washing off this liquid with water, allowing the waste to flow into the rainwater drainage system. Unfortunately, heavy metals such as Cadmium which was found to be above 2.5 milligrams per litre of wastewater. The result was to move away from ‘wet washing’ to ‘dry washing’ where no water and waste is allowed to enter the rainwater drainage systems at airports. NuPower II was developed to allow easy cleaning of aircraft surfaces while improving the finish, reducing drag and extending the life of the aircraft paint. The net result is that dry washing offers multiple benefits to the aircraft operators.

NuPower II is approved by a umber of airlines including Air Canada, Allegiant, American, Avianca, Delta, Frontier, Jazz, Jetblue, Jet2, Southwest, United, Lufthansa, Asiana, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, COMAC, Korean Airlines, Singapore, FedEx, Corendon, Africa World Airlines, Airlink, Croatia Airlines, Lot, Portugalia Airlines,

For more information and full product details, visit our NuPower product page on our website here.

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