There has been a steady increase in the number of outbreaks of Measles and Rubella outbreaks around the world recently. Since 2017 it has been reported that the increase is upwards of 30%. The result has been 110,000 deaths worldwide.

Alarmingly, a dramatic increase in illnesses is being reported during flights this year. Reduced cabin hygiene plays a significant role with this problem. Most anti-viral / anti-bacterial cleaners used on aircraft will be effective during cleaning only. When passengers board the aircraft, the cabin is re-infected allowing the spread to continue. Simple steps can be taken to eliminate viruses on contact surfaces, Bacoban for Aerospace will remain active on surfaces for up to 10 days providing extended protection minimizing the spread of viruses inside the cabin.

These outbreaks are preventable, Bacoban for Aerospace has been tested to both Boeing and Airbus specifications, additionally, it passes the ‘Cleaning and Disinfecting in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC’

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