Frasers Aerospace of Brentwood, UK, stocks a complete range of aviation cleaning and detailing products for both external and interior applications for the commercial and business jet markets.

The product line includes bio-degradable cleaners under the company’s Aero brand—such as AeroWash, a liquid concentrate used for external fuselage cleaning. With increasing use of enzymatic products, Frasers’ AeroFab has become a popular carpet cleaner/spot cleaner for business jet carpets.

Frasers Aerospace says it has added two new products from Nuvite Chemical Compounds, its U.S.-based supplier. Among them is NuLucent, which provides a streakless finish on all aviation transparencies to preserve and protect the surfaces. The second product is a dry, drop-in lavatory deodorant packet that eliminates the use of traditionally used liquids to prevent stains.

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