In light of the current unrest across Western Europe as a result of the Ukraine invasion, Frasers Aerospace felt it appropriate to reach out to our customers and assure them we remain a key trading partner and resource to our friends, customers, and distributors in affected parts of the World. We are complying with all sanctions and are unable to trade with our partners in Russia & Belarus until further notice.
Our logistics team continues to monitor the situations and ensure we are providing the level of service you would expect to receive your goods, even in the unfortunate event of an AoG situation.

The situation in Ukraine is ever evolving and Frasers Aerospace has been looking at ways to offer support to show our solidarity with the victims of such unnecessary brutality and horror. Frasers Aerospace

We are fortunate enough to have been informed by a valued customer, AIR X Charter, operating out of Stansted Airport, that they are organising an urgent humanitarian flight to Ukraine in order to deliver much needed donations, Medical/Hygiene materials, Food and Clothing to support the multiple recognised organisations and welfare charities now struggling to cope with an already displaced population of now over 1 Million refugees as of today, and especially those that are still trapped within the various towns and cities under constant bombardment, the number of which are growing by the hour.
Frasers Aerospace will be donating quantities of #Bacoban Wipes, medical-grade Anti-Bacterial/Viral wipes, along with cases of our personal Hand-Santising gel for distribution to individuals as required, together with other suitable products from our warehouse stock.
Obviously, more than one air flight is needed to transport all the donations expected, so AIR X Charter are busy also organising multiple road deliveries direct to Ukraine of the stocks of products donated to them to be sent as conditions allow over the coming weeks. All the goods donated will get to Ukraine, this is assured.

No gesture will ever feel sufficient considering the horrors that the Ukrainian people are facing, but we hope that these items will in some way help the situation and control the threat of Covid whilst the brave Men & Women fight to defend their country. We would like to take this opportunity to thank #alwaysairx for their brave journey into war-torn airspace.

If you would like to join in and help, give something back to all the people you know and trade with every week in these badly affected countries; no matter how big or small it is contact [email protected]

#standwithukraine #bacoban #frasersaerospace #alwaysairx

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