Frasers Aerospace are pleased to announce that they have been appointed Authorised Distributors of Alglas cleaning products in our facility for onward shipment daily to our discerning customers around the world. Alglas is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of industry-approved aircraft cleaning solutions. We maintain high standards in manufacture and supply and are, compliant with ISO 9001 certification and all relevant statutory regulations. The products we provide for the aerospace industry are designed to be highly effective at keeping equipment free from dirt and static build-up. These products have received over 30 industry approvals and endorsements from major airlines, instrumentation and aircraft manufacturers across both civilian and military sectors. All our products deliver exceptional anti-static cleaning properties across all aircraft glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces, including flight desk avionics and instrumentation, touch screens, HUD (Heads-Up Displays), Headsets and EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System).



Alglas products are made in the UK by ALGLAS UK

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