Bacoban for Aerospace long-term surface disinfection DL (ready-to-use solution) was tested for antibacterial efficacy according to ISO 20743 and passed the test successfully.

Bacoban effective on textiles

Most of the effectiveness determinations for disinfectants are made on solid, hard surfaces in laboratories, for example EN norms. However, most environments we occupy are not all solid, there is a considerable quantity of fabrics for example seat covers, carpets, curtains. For this reason, Bacoban for Aerospace has been tested for its effectiveness on soft furnishings, or textiles. This means that not only are the hard surfaces in the environment that has been disinfected and is protected for up to 10 days (ASTM E 2180), soft furnishings are proven to be disinfected as well (ISO 18184) Is your Covid disinfectant effective on textiles? Test according to the test report no. L21/00863.2 dated 15/06/2022 of Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH Bacoban DL impregnated cotton lobs complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 20743:2021 (appendix F) for strong antibacterial properties (antimicrobial activity ≥ 3 log steps) with an exposure time of 24 hours at 20°c ± 1 °c test temperature.

The test certificate can be downloaded from this LINK.

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