Bacoban for Aerospace achieves another milestone  having passed an industry standard abrasion test.

The test utilises a BYK Gardner scrub mounted with an ISO-Holder  with a 135 gm weight. This test apparatus is used with ASTM D 2486, ISO 11998, DIN 53778 recognised in multiple industries around the world.

The purpose of the test is to determine the abrasion resistance of a coating simulating wipe downs, scrubbing, wiping etc with a standardised test method.

The test panels were treated in the usual way when disinfecting surfaces with Bacoban for Aerospace. The sample was allowed to dry before testing commences. When the test begins, a specific fabric type is used with a specific weight to simulate surface pressure to mimic the surface being wiped with a cloth. This is repeated, in this case to 2000 wipes. Th test panel is then tested for a the effectiveness against bacteria and viruses (Ecoli and S.aurens). Bacoban for Aerospace was found to have an effectiveness of 99.99% or Log 4 kill rate.

Bacoban for Aerospace continues to be the optimum cabin disinfectant for aircraft.



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