Bacoban for Aerospace keeps on delivering!

During the Covid Pandemic Bacoban for Aerospace became a fully approved Aerospace Disinfectant providing Airlines and aircraft operators with the solution to reduce the risk of to passengers. As Covid infections are now under control, aircraft disinfection has reduced considerably. This is possibly a mistake as threats continue from other sources, new variations and viruses being reported alongside the existing strains. Some examples: Step A,  Ebola, Zika, Langya, Monkeypox, Marburg,  and simple flu are amongst the many viruses which circulate the globe. Reducing disinfection in confined spaces is as important now as it was at the outbreak of Covid, disinfection reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Bacoban for Aerospace has continually been tested in laboratories in EU to show how using it as a disinfectant will offer greater benefits when compared to standard disinfectants. Some recent tests have shown that Bacoban for Aerospace now offers:

  • 365 days surface protection,
  • Resistant to abrasion (dry),
  • Effective within a minute,
  • Destroys bedbugs.

The R&D laboratories continue to show how Bacoban for Aerospace offers a complete package of protective measures for aircraft while remaining approved by all aircraft manufacturers.

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