Life can be full of decisions and it’s often hard to make an informed choice.

At AF&F, we’ve made it easy for you to select the best chemical tack cloth for your most demanding jobs.

Simply choose the one that has continually met the stringent requirements of the Aerospace industry: AF&F Chemical ClothTM. For more than 50 years, our tack cloths have been the premium “go to” products in the marketplace! Boeing & Lockheed Martin Approved. More information here:

aff Tack cloth

Aerospace Certified: D-1816, BAC5845, BAC5322, BAC5639, BAC5710, BAC5736, BAC5793, BAC5797, BAC5837, BAC5882, BAC5896, BAC5755, BAC5000

Boeing and Lockheed Martin approved.