nuvite chemical
aircraft polish


  • Boeing D6-17487
  • AMS 1650
  • Douglas CSD #1
  • Embraer 9001369


  • Adds a hard shine PolyFluoro Sealant gloss surface on painted surfaces in good to excellent condition
  • Seals surface and leaves a protective coating against U/V and atmospheric corrosion/salt spray/pollution
  • Can be used as a “final finish” after dry-washing with Nuvite’s NuPol and/or NuPower II
  • Easy and fast application without power tools or special setups
  • Safe to all aircraft components
  • Preserves and protects substrate
  • Easy application in all climates

NuGlaze with PFS

Super paint protection to maintain high gloss ‘show quality’ finish. The exclusive *PolyFluoro Sealant gives a hard shine surface that resists environmental effects to maintain the gloss and colour against the effects of airborne chemicals and ultraviolet radiation.

Nuvite NuGlaze with PFS* is a super paint treatment, to maintain a super high gloss “show quality” finish for gelcoat or painted surfaces in new or excellent condition.  NuGlaze with PFS* can be used as a final step for maximum protection for the surface gloss and colour after using Nuvite’s NuPol or NuPower II ‘drywash’ cleaner/polishes. With regular NuGlaze with PFS* use, a surface barrier is maintained that will resist dirt staining and make the surface easy to clean. NuGlaze with PFS* is simple to use and avoids complicated setups and does not require special application/buffing equipment. Nuvite’s research has produced a breakthrough – a polyfluoro compound that will actually adhere to the paint at normal temperatures, unlike current popular coatings that require extreme temperatures for adhesion. Nuvite NuGlaze with PFS* is a technologically advanced paint treatment, and the best thing you can do to maintain and protect your new or near-new gelcoat and painted surfaces.

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Nuvite Chemical Compounds Instructional Video

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