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  • AMS 3819C,
  • BMS 15-5F,
  • DMS 1820E,
  • MDM 15-1216
  • P5396S,
  • SS9170/680,
  • Bell 1249E


  • Compatible with all cleaning liquids and solvents
  • No contamination from chemicals as found in non-woven wipers
  • No contamination from foreign matter as found in rags
  • Rolls are pre-cut into 9″ x 24″ squares (128 squares per roll) to reduce wastage
  • Silicone free
  • Extremely low-lint
  • ECO-friendly (bio-degradable and free of ozone depleting agents)

Cheesecloth 588020F

Cheesecloth 588020F is an extremely soft and absorbent, 4-ply, 100% woven cotton cloth, used for a variety of specialised applications across many industries, including Aerospace, Composites and Automotive.

The openness of the weave assures the user that the wiping cloth will not displace the contaminants on the surface, but will clean the surface and leave it ready for bonding, painting or polishing.
Applications include: Critical cleaning and surface preparation (e.g. composite bonding, mold preparation & cleaning and sealing transparencies). Also, cleaning and polishing in a variety of applications, such as automotive cleaning, cleaning transparencies and aluminium skins, and furniture production.

Sold in a case of 12 rolls.

From $360.77 Excl. VAT



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