nuvite chemical
NuPower II Drywash


  • Boeing D6-17487
  • AIMS 09-00-002
  • AMS 1650
  • Douglas CSD #1


      • Removes surface oxidation from paint and metal surfaces.
      • Easy ‘wipe on, let dry, wipe off to a clean & bright surface’ procedure.
      • Adds a beautiful gloss appearance with an effective ultraviolet protectant coating on both painted and metal surfaces.
      • Preserves and protects substrate from further oxidation and leaves a protective coating against UV and atmospheric corrosion/salt spray/pollution without colour change.

Nuvite NuPower II Drywash

Aviation approved Dry-wash, polish & UV protection for aircraft cleaning.

NuPower II is an extraordinary Dry-Wash product for the ongoing care of painted or polished metal surfaces. It is easily applied with a wipe-on, wipe-off procedure with pad applicators or by hand in all types of humidity conditions. NuPower II is a hi-tech formulation that offers cleaning power, a bright shine, and a protective barrier coating against surface oxidation that also protects against ultraviolet deterioration.

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Nuvite Chemical Compounds – How To Dry Wash Video

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