Cyclo Tools
cyclo polisher


      • Includes ‘VES’ – Vibration Elimination System
      • Robust and portable
      • 2 x 4″ (100mm) polishing heads
      • 100% swirl-free finish
      • Oscillating heads to mimic hand-polishing
      • Heavy-duty cast sluminium casing
      • Variable speed – up to 3,000 ‘orbits’ per minute
      • Wide range of accessories making it suitable for Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Industrial applications
      • 220-240V, CE Compliant

Cyclo® 6CE Polisher (with ‘Vibration Elimination System’)

Twin head orbital polisher with ‘VES’ (240V)

Cyclo® Polishers are precision machined and hand assembled for a lifetime of trouble-free operation. The Cyclo® Polisher’s dual heads orbit in a random, overlapping motion that mimics fine hand polishing, and leaves a dazzling, swirl-free shine every time.

The Cyclo® Dual Head Orbital Polisher is one of the most effective means of polishing available, for novices and experts alike. It’s safe and easy to operate, and provides professional results every time. The difference lies in the tool’s overall balance and its patented dual heads. The dual heads operate in a synchronised motion, providing the most effective results without fear of heat build-up; damage to trim pieces, moldings and gaskets, swirl marks, holograms and more. The low-vibration and balanced design allow for a more even application and better control when operating.

This model includes a variable speed control and comes with ‘VES’ inserts – Cyclo®’s patented ‘Vibration Elimination System,’ which further reduces vibration to help minimise discomfort during longer periods of use.

Note: Pads not included.

$465.38 Excl. VAT

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