buff pro


      • For use on painted, bare metal and gel coat surfaces (including aircraft, automotive, boats & Airstream caravans)
      • Much faster than traditional ‘rotary’ and ‘orbital’ polishers
      • 100% swirl-free finish
      • Ergonomically designed ‘pistol-grip’ handles for a comfortable user experience
      • Can be used on any relatively flat surface
      • Wide range of pads available for a host of applications, including cutting/compounding, polishing, finishing & sanding
      • Designed to reduce ‘splatter’ of polishes/compounds, resulting in less mess
      • 220-240V, CE Compliant

BuffPro® Electric Polisher

Swirl-free electric ‘drum’ polisher (240V)

The BuffPro electric polisher was designed by detailers for detailers, and is the only electric drum-style polisher on the market. The drum rotates axially making it literally impossible to create ‘swirl’ marks, meaning even inexperienced or novice users can achieve professional results every time. It’s well balanced and ergonomically designed to ensure the best possible user experience, and can be used for long periods of time with minimal discomfort. It offers considerable man-hour savings versus traditional rotary and orbital polishers and it suitable for a wide range of applications, including sanding, compounding, polishing and finishing.

Note: Pads not included, see ‘related products’ below.

$478.81 Excl. VAT


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